Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pinterest: The New Boyfriend

I will just say it, Pinterest has been a huge part of my life in the last few months.  There, that's out and now I feel better.  I seem to be on it so much that my husband has started to call it my Boyfriend.  I've pinned all kinds of things onto my 14 boards.  Most of my pins are crafts.  And I do honestly believe that every time I repin something, I will do it.  In fact, I make a little promise to myself that even though I wasted an hour on the site, I will make at least two things the next day.  I don't make two things the next day, or even one thing most days.  But I do make things off there, not just crafts but the recipes too.

Just last week, I found this:  A few nights later, I was at the grocery store hunting down chicken.  The nearest Kroger (and I say that because there are at least three within a ten minute radius from our home), has been very short on chicken lately.  I have no idea who's coming in and buying all the chicken, but I wish it was me.  Anyway, found some chicken and loaded up my basket with the other bits I needed for what I hoped would be the greatest dinner EVER.  Yes, I realize that was probably a big idea since it's my husband that usually does all the dinner cooking that isn't just boiling hot dogs or frying some hamburgers.  Back at home, I explained my plan to said husband, showing him the pin.  I think he gets a little leery when I say, "Let me show you what I'm going to make!"  And then run over to the computer and pull up Pinterest.  He was slightly unimpressed with the picture, as he usually is, so I left him in the living room while I chopped potatoes and broccoli and shoved it with chicken, shredded cheese and some ranch dressed into some tin foil, make it into a packet and slid it into the oven.  In an hour, we'd have great dinner...or at least we'd have some chicken.

An hour later, I carefully pulled my little foil pouches out and opened them to find the most beautiful dinner I had ever made...yes, EVER.  I called him in to look and he seemed happy, but it may have been the wait as it was getting late in the evening and we were both pretty hungry.  We sat down to eat and after half an hour of silence, I looked over to see his foil pouch was empty.  "Did you like it?" I asked.  "That may have been the best thing I have ever eaten...and that includes Applebees."  He replied.  Success!  We had it again a few nights later to use up the rest of the broccoli and because as I mentioned before my talents in the kitchen are pretty limited.

And the point of my story, my boyfriend taught me to cook great dinners for my husband.