Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Work Project and WIPs

I've always been someone that starts projects and doesn't finish them before starting another.  I'll get back around and finish them all up...eventually.  Right now I'm working on an adorable little crochet witch that I found in a Halloween craft book last year.  I finished up her head this past weekend at a Yarn Night at work.  I finally got off work early enough to spend some time crocheting with other ladies.

The next day at work, we had a demo for Lion Brand's birthday.  We'd gotten in some little Bonbon yarn (which I am not being paid to talk about here) packages a few months ago.  Of course, it's new yarn so I want it, but I don't have an idea for it yet, so I can't buy it.  For the demo, we had an extra package of the Bonbon yarn left over.  I volunteered to take it home, work something up and bring it for display in the store's classroom.

I have eight colors at about 100 yards each:

So I went to the Lion Brand's website.  First off, let me say, I hate this website because I can't ever remember my login for it so I get frustrated and never get to see their free patterns.  However, I guess I figured it out and saved it the last time, so I got it!  And they had quite a few patterns for these little things.  I decided on a garland pattern.

So far I got one little star done:

It was super hard since it's light weight yarn and they want you to use a G-hook.  It's a big hook for such little yarn.  But one down, only 15 to go.

And I have suddenly become aware it's almost October.  I blame work for already having Halloween stuff on clearance and Christmas stuff everywhere.  I had a project I wanted to do for Christmas gifts for everyone at work and the Husband's family.  I have not started one little snowman.

I wanted to find a cute little pumpkin pattern to crochet up for Fall too.  I bought the yarn the other night but haven't hunted down the magazine from last year for the pattern yet.  Hopefully I can get that started and done before it snows.

That's what I've got working right now.  A little witch that needs some hair real bad, a pretty sparkly garland for work, a bunch of snowmen, and hopefully a pumpkin or two for our mantle.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Pintester Movement

I'm writing this at 8:30 and I'm supposed to submit it by 9.  Yikes!

I've had a busy weekend.  One of the things on my list was to test a pin for the Pintester Movement.  Which you can read about here: Pintester Movement  I went through my Yummy Stuff board on Pinterest.  I figured it would be the most rewarding board to make something from.  I've made quite a few things already from different boards, mostly my Crochet one.  With food, at least I could eat it after blogging about it.  So I found this broccoli, ham, cheese, and egg bake from Kalyn's Kitchen.  The picture's look super good and it had all things that I like, so I figured it'd have to be good.  Plus the recipe directions were super simple.

Here's a picture of the website's finished product:

How good does that look?

So last night, about an hour before I was supposed to meet up with some girls from work, I started this.  First off, I halved the recipe, because if it sucked, I didn't want to have to eat it all week.  I gathered all my stuff:

I chopped the broccoli up first and realized how much like tiny little trees it looked:

And of course I had help:

Then diced up the ham steaks and steamed the broccoli (I had  a good action shot of me dicing the ham but turns out my husband takes all pics upside down and I don't have time to figure out how to flip them in my phone camera folder):

The recipe doesn't say to steam the broccoli but I didn't even know how to do that until last night.  Then I tossed it all in a pan and poured a bunch of eggs over it:

I also didn't measure anything...or spray the pan before putting anything in it.  I did get the non-stick spray out but then didn't notice it again until I had already put it in the oven.  Pintester forgets to spray stuff so I can forget to spray stuff.

I shoved it in the oven and waited.  The recipe says half an hour but my oven isn't very smart so it takes a long time to cook stuff.  I had to leave it to go meet my friends, making my husband promise to take it out in a few more minutes.  I got home and it looked okay but I just plastic-wrapped it and in the fridge it went.

This afternoon I took a piece for lunch at work.  It was very blah.  Nothing special.  Tasted kind of like ham and eggs with lots of broccoli.  Maybe I should have measured  the broccoli, instead of cutting up all of it and using all of it.  So I guess it was a decent test, I'll keep eating it for breaks at work, but mostly because it's not Easy Mac.

Finished product, this afternoon after I took my lunch out: 

Friday, September 13, 2013

Busy Like A Beaver

I think it's time to take my little blog here seriously.  I do a ton of different crafts all the time.  I am constantly coming up with new ideas for things to do...and of course I'm still obsessed with Pinterest.

So the first step to being a real blog is to actually blog.  Who knew, huh?  Right now I work and am going to school for my business degree which leaves very little time to actually make anything crafty.  However I've found plenty of time to build a little town on Facebook and acquire a LOT of new pins on Pinterest.  That says I probably have time to sit and type up a blog every few days.

I plan to post about various crafts I do while I'm doing them.  Along with some pins I try out.  I tend to try more food pins than anything else, which is weird since I am a horrible cook...unless it's grilled cheese and then I'm awesome.

My big hobby is crochet.  I taught myself after I saw some adorable hearts on Pinterest almost two years ago.  After I mastered those hearts and some flowers thanks to videos on YouTube and random Google searches, I moved on to bigger and better.  I made an afghan and then a oddly shaped (and a little scary--as far as I'm concerned) doll for my niece.  The doll was not good so I set to learning more.  After a few cute little ninjas, I tried a cat pattern from Crochet Today.  And it worked!  I've been leveling up regularly since.

A bit about me: I'm Shauna.  I work at a craft store as a nights and weekend manager.  Living in Ohio but grew up in Michigan.  I'm married to great man that can sometimes be a bit strange, but is always good for a laugh.  And he puts up with me so he must not be too bad.  He has a daughter that lives most of the time with her mother.  She's just getting into helping me with crafts...but she'd rather do the food stuff.  We have a little kitty that I inherited when my grandmother passed away earlier this year.  She's super crazy and so much fun.  Her name is Harvey, although Gramma had named her Lilly.  But she's a tortoise-shell and her face is split so I couldn't resist naming her after my favorite Batman villain.

Later this weekend, I will be making a blog post with a pin-test that hopefully doesn't fail too hard.  It'll be an entry in The Pintester Movement put on by The Pintester.  She's super funny and makes failing look like fun.  So I figured I'd give it all a try.  I have tried many pins before and haven't had too much trouble with them so I'm hoping for another win.