Saturday, June 9, 2012

Two Go Together

Day 8: Favorite Object

I love this crochet hook.  I made my first afghan with it and I'm making my second with it too.  It's my go to hook for all my tiny little crochet projects.  I had a regular H hook that I was using but my hands are a little achy from so much that I've done with them.  Saw these beautiful bamboo handle hooks and had to get one.  So glad I have it!

Day 9: Something I made

This little guy was not made with my wonderful bamboo hook but he's still pretty cute.  I'm learning crochet bits and pieces at a time.  I finished him up tonight just so I could take a picture of him for this.  Looking at the picture I'm so surprised that I managed to make it...and it actually looks like a sheep.  I will name him Wooly.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Three At Once

Day 5: A Shape

Day five, I knew right away I wanted to do my steering wheel.  I drove a lot that day so I thought it'd be a good picture.  And let me just say, it's hard to take a picture of your steering wheel while sitting in a parking lot with a child in the backseat watching The Chipmunks.

Day 6: From A High Angle

I had so many great ideas for this one and in the end I just stood on my desk chair and took a picture of my bed.  Not happy with it but it was about 11:30 at night by then so my choices were limited.  :(

Day 7: Trees

This one was pretty easy.  This is just the backyard at my grandma's house, which is where I'm staying right now.  She has a huge backyard, filled with trees.

A week down now and I'm actually sticking with it.  I've made sure to take a picture everyday even if I didn't get a chance to blog about it.  This week has been busy but pretty fun.  I really can't wait to see what this month is going to bring for this challenge.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Every Day

Day 4: Daily Routine

Every day I make sure I get a little crafting done.  Tonight I'm working on my chicken tablecloth for my Great Aunt.  It's coming along pretty well lately and I'm a quarter of the way through.  I've been working on it since December though.  It's pretty easy, printed cross-stitching.  I just can't seem to sit down and knock it out the way I should.  I'd rather be crocheting tonight but knew I needed to work on the chickens.  Crafting at the computer is really the only thing I really do every day.  With a nice glass of Pepsi, of course.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Made By Hand

Day three of my photo challenge is handwriting.  I thought all day trying to find something but I don't do a lot of writing during most days.  Finally took this: 

Day 3: My Handwriting

It's the first page of my journal.  I loves quotes and every journal I've ever had has quotes in the front or back cover.  I also love my handwriting.  It took me a long time to get it just perfect.  I used to write a lot when I was younger and every once in awhile, I would work on a certain letter to be different.  My handwriting now doesn't always look the same.  It'll vary if I'm busy or just writing something down for me to remember.  If I'm writing something for someone else that's important and they need to be able to read it, I write very clear, nice, all caps letters.  But that up there is when it's just right.  Sometimes I just like writing stuff down to see it look like that.  I wish I could write more.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Food and Fun

Today was a pretty fun day.  The fair is in town this weekend.  The Husband and I took my youngest sister and her best friend.  They both got arm bands to ride as many rides as they wanted.  We live in a fairly small town so the fair is pretty small this year.  The girls rode about five or six different rides but they rode them over and over.  They definitely got the use out of those arm bands.  Husband and I sat back and watched them have fun riding the same ride back to back for awhile.  But my favorite part of a fair, now that I'm a little too old for most of the rides, is the food.  I love fair food.  From the lemonade to the funnel cakes...even the cotton candy.  Today we were there for most of the day between lunch and dinner so I couldn't really partake in the food.  But I did get a lemonade, which was a bit disappointing.  After Husband had a corn dog (which is one fair food I won't have, no hot dogs for me, battered or otherwise), we got a big box of popcorn.  We are huge fans of popcorn.  He's great at doing it in a pot on the stove with some oil but I'm best at just a brown paper bag and some kernels in the microwave.  We don't make it out of Target very often without stopping to get a bag on the way out.  But the popcorn, in the box, at the fair today was AMAZING!  Big, buttery pops!  At first I was a bit leery of paying $4 for a box of something we already had at home for free, but half way through the box, I thought I should go back and give them more money.  And then I remembered my photo a day...

Day 2: Food

As you can see, the popcorn didn't last long...and none made it home for later.  I wish the fair was still in town for tomorrow just to go back and get another box.  Or two.

Something New

I read a lot of blogs. Here and many other places. And I've been seeing the photo challenges. I searched and searched for a June one that I liked. I found so many, many more than I thought I would. Today is the first of June and I left a post-it note on my monitor to remember to start today. I, however, forgot...or got too busy throughout the day. But here's the list: 

And so I did the first one. I dumped out my purse and took a pretty picture.

Day 1: In My Bag

It seems like an awful big mess. I carry so much with me in this little bag. And I've suddenly been finding receipts in there. I used to be so much more organized with receipts but now they're filling up my purse. And candy...and lip balm. I sudden think I'm a hoarder but only in my purse. But there's Picture Number One. I took one picture with my phone, clearly with a retro cam. I like it better than if I'd taken ten pictures and decided which was best.

There's my first blog entry. Hopefully, tomorrow I post the picture during the day.