Saturday, June 9, 2012

Two Go Together

Day 8: Favorite Object

I love this crochet hook.  I made my first afghan with it and I'm making my second with it too.  It's my go to hook for all my tiny little crochet projects.  I had a regular H hook that I was using but my hands are a little achy from so much that I've done with them.  Saw these beautiful bamboo handle hooks and had to get one.  So glad I have it!

Day 9: Something I made

This little guy was not made with my wonderful bamboo hook but he's still pretty cute.  I'm learning crochet bits and pieces at a time.  I finished him up tonight just so I could take a picture of him for this.  Looking at the picture I'm so surprised that I managed to make it...and it actually looks like a sheep.  I will name him Wooly.

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