Saturday, June 2, 2012

Something New

I read a lot of blogs. Here and many other places. And I've been seeing the photo challenges. I searched and searched for a June one that I liked. I found so many, many more than I thought I would. Today is the first of June and I left a post-it note on my monitor to remember to start today. I, however, forgot...or got too busy throughout the day. But here's the list: 

And so I did the first one. I dumped out my purse and took a pretty picture.

Day 1: In My Bag

It seems like an awful big mess. I carry so much with me in this little bag. And I've suddenly been finding receipts in there. I used to be so much more organized with receipts but now they're filling up my purse. And candy...and lip balm. I sudden think I'm a hoarder but only in my purse. But there's Picture Number One. I took one picture with my phone, clearly with a retro cam. I like it better than if I'd taken ten pictures and decided which was best.

There's my first blog entry. Hopefully, tomorrow I post the picture during the day.

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