Monday, November 11, 2013

Pintester Movement: Ho Ho Ho Edition

Here we go again!!!  I almost didn't take part in this Movement, but they're so much fun.  In case you weren't here the last time, Pintester is a hilarious blogger that tests pins from Pinterest.  Sometimes she asks the rest of us to test some pins and blog about it.  The last time, I did a boring broccoli, egg, cheese bake thing that I was less than impressed with.  But this Movement isn't about baking, it's about ornaments.  Pintester asked that we make ornaments for Jodee from The Cheeseblarg.  This year will be her first Christmas tree, so we make the ornaments and send them to her.  She made a list of what she likes and I read through some of her posts and looked over her board on Pinterest.

I thought about it for a couple of weeks and just couldn't think of anything.  The list of ornament things was pretty good so I should have thought of something, but was super unmotivated because of school work and real work.  Seriously, I'm already over Christmas decor...and who buys their tree in October? Right, customers at my work.  But I kept on the search for something to make.  Finally I found this: Little Dinosaurs.  

amigurumi dinosaurs crochet pattern set - written crochet pattern
The pin takes you to an Etsy shop, where you can buy the pattern.  The best part is that I've bought another pattern there recently and wanted to get others.  Plus it's dinosaurs, everyone loves dinosaurs.  I'd just have to figure out a way to make it an ornament.

Step One was assembling all the bits to work one of these up.  I'll admit to having a ton of yarn (I do work in a craft store), let's not talk real numbers as The Husband may read this and do the math...then I can't buy any more yarn until he forgets how much I already have.  I don't have cute pastel colors like in the pictures though...but I just so happened to have some green and brown set aside for some Ninja Turtles that I haven't even started yet...perfect dinosaur colors.

Also there's Vera, my laptop...both mine and The Husband's laptops are named after geeky guns.
I failed at taking pictures throughout the actual crochet process, but I got a couple.  You do the body first and after the first few rounds, I stuck the eyes on.  These safety eyes were a bitch too and I was lucky someone stronger than me was still up and helped push the washers on.

The pattern is blurred out as best as I could because it's not my pattern to share.

The face looks like a little piggy, which would work since I got some weird pinkish color yarn on clearance last month.  About an hour after the eye debacle, I had all the parts...except for the spikes, which again I fail at taking pictures.

I thought the tiny feet were super adorable.
The pattern said to leave tails on the feet to sew them on.  But once I flipped my little pigg--uh, dinosaur over, there wasn't much room to get a big yarn needle in there too.  So I glued them...not hot glue because I didn't want to get all the way up and go to the other room, plug in the glue gun, wait forevvver for it to warm up (cheap glue guns from Michaels work....sort of)...  Nope, I had Tacky glue in my sewing basket next to the couch, so I glued them feet on real good.

I sewed the tail on...and then he looked like a tadpole.  Also had some pretzels...I swear I'll get better at taking pictures someday.

After only about an hour or two of crocheting, I had a pretty good start to a dinosaur.  The spikes were super easy.  It said to make two sets and sew them together and then sew them onto the little guy.  The sewing together took longer than making the two sets....sigh...  Either way, made them and sewed them on...after considering if I could glue them on too.

I call him Piggy the Stegosaurus.
He's about 3-4 inches long and pretty damn cute.  I've got some hot pink yarn and I think my step-daughter (who is ten and really into this neon trend) will enjoy a T-Rex to hang on the tree.

There Piggy is done and another Pintester Movement down.  The link to the Movement here and at the top of this post won't actually work until the 15th of November, but click through then and see some awesome stuff other people have done.  And now I can get back to making snowmen for family Christmas gifts....I've got a bag of them already.

Thanks for reading and hang out here for a bit!  Hope to see you back again soon!