Friday, September 13, 2013

Busy Like A Beaver

I think it's time to take my little blog here seriously.  I do a ton of different crafts all the time.  I am constantly coming up with new ideas for things to do...and of course I'm still obsessed with Pinterest.

So the first step to being a real blog is to actually blog.  Who knew, huh?  Right now I work and am going to school for my business degree which leaves very little time to actually make anything crafty.  However I've found plenty of time to build a little town on Facebook and acquire a LOT of new pins on Pinterest.  That says I probably have time to sit and type up a blog every few days.

I plan to post about various crafts I do while I'm doing them.  Along with some pins I try out.  I tend to try more food pins than anything else, which is weird since I am a horrible cook...unless it's grilled cheese and then I'm awesome.

My big hobby is crochet.  I taught myself after I saw some adorable hearts on Pinterest almost two years ago.  After I mastered those hearts and some flowers thanks to videos on YouTube and random Google searches, I moved on to bigger and better.  I made an afghan and then a oddly shaped (and a little scary--as far as I'm concerned) doll for my niece.  The doll was not good so I set to learning more.  After a few cute little ninjas, I tried a cat pattern from Crochet Today.  And it worked!  I've been leveling up regularly since.

A bit about me: I'm Shauna.  I work at a craft store as a nights and weekend manager.  Living in Ohio but grew up in Michigan.  I'm married to great man that can sometimes be a bit strange, but is always good for a laugh.  And he puts up with me so he must not be too bad.  He has a daughter that lives most of the time with her mother.  She's just getting into helping me with crafts...but she'd rather do the food stuff.  We have a little kitty that I inherited when my grandmother passed away earlier this year.  She's super crazy and so much fun.  Her name is Harvey, although Gramma had named her Lilly.  But she's a tortoise-shell and her face is split so I couldn't resist naming her after my favorite Batman villain.

Later this weekend, I will be making a blog post with a pin-test that hopefully doesn't fail too hard.  It'll be an entry in The Pintester Movement put on by The Pintester.  She's super funny and makes failing look like fun.  So I figured I'd give it all a try.  I have tried many pins before and haven't had too much trouble with them so I'm hoping for another win.

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