Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Work Project and WIPs

I've always been someone that starts projects and doesn't finish them before starting another.  I'll get back around and finish them all up...eventually.  Right now I'm working on an adorable little crochet witch that I found in a Halloween craft book last year.  I finished up her head this past weekend at a Yarn Night at work.  I finally got off work early enough to spend some time crocheting with other ladies.

The next day at work, we had a demo for Lion Brand's birthday.  We'd gotten in some little Bonbon yarn (which I am not being paid to talk about here) packages a few months ago.  Of course, it's new yarn so I want it, but I don't have an idea for it yet, so I can't buy it.  For the demo, we had an extra package of the Bonbon yarn left over.  I volunteered to take it home, work something up and bring it for display in the store's classroom.

I have eight colors at about 100 yards each:

So I went to the Lion Brand's website.  First off, let me say, I hate this website because I can't ever remember my login for it so I get frustrated and never get to see their free patterns.  However, I guess I figured it out and saved it the last time, so I got it!  And they had quite a few patterns for these little things.  I decided on a garland pattern.

So far I got one little star done:

It was super hard since it's light weight yarn and they want you to use a G-hook.  It's a big hook for such little yarn.  But one down, only 15 to go.

And I have suddenly become aware it's almost October.  I blame work for already having Halloween stuff on clearance and Christmas stuff everywhere.  I had a project I wanted to do for Christmas gifts for everyone at work and the Husband's family.  I have not started one little snowman.

I wanted to find a cute little pumpkin pattern to crochet up for Fall too.  I bought the yarn the other night but haven't hunted down the magazine from last year for the pattern yet.  Hopefully I can get that started and done before it snows.

That's what I've got working right now.  A little witch that needs some hair real bad, a pretty sparkly garland for work, a bunch of snowmen, and hopefully a pumpkin or two for our mantle.

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